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We bought a second-hand car from our neighbor . It’s cheap that it had a lot of problems, oil spill, the engine, fan, central control to the lock and windows, and the air condition. At the begin of the 2010, we fixed the oil spill problem for 6,000.

It’s horrible when the air condition doesn’t work in summer. People would feel like sitting in the oven, especially my dad.

The first garage evaluate that it cost 4,400 for repairing a fan(1,300), pipe cleaning(1,000), two cold maker (500 and 800), and add coolant 800. Maybe.

The second garage is a son of dad’s friend. He is the boss, a staff, and a apprentice as well. He came over to check out the car after dad made a phone call. It was Sunday afternoon.  I went downstairs to let him check out the car. The car would stall when turn on the air condition. He said the air condition is fine, but need to change the plug. The car was needed to got in the garage to check problem in detail tomorrow. I gave him the key and he came to drive the car in the next morning.

In the evening, he changed the fan and plug, maybe fixed something else already and drove the car back. It cost 5,300, and dad gave him 5,000 after bargain.

Dad also called in the mean time when him came to my house, he thought that I deal with it yesterday. Dar said that problem is that the garage fixed without evaluating and telling us. But I also had responsibility of  reminding or telling him must telling us how’s the evaluation before fixing.

So the lesson is: Don’t think that everyone would know the rules or understand what you think, clarifying the points all the time. There nothing called “common sense”, the misunderstanding may happen because of this word.