Rainy day is driver day as well.

We drove to buy the sushi for lunch at noon, there $200 for 3 boxes. There were tasted good.

And we went to buy rain coat+paints and rain shoes in 西門圓環. It was lucky that boss took the product have some problem with color, so we could get 200 discount, $450=>$250. And we bought rain shoes just next to this store, it cost $330, cheaper then this store for $20. And the shoes are cute =D Then we bought a pair of asics shoes, which bottoms are thicker for cross the forest. It was $1580. We used the 7-11 stickers that we can buy one get one free in cold stone. We bought special “Berry Party Agogo”  and “Founder’s Favorite”(it’s my favorite too^Q^). We asked for not add caramel sauce, they said OK, but we need to pay more when we asked for more chocolate sauce. Incredible. ლ(`^´ლ)

We went to Noble Steak for dinner. We considered the Wangsteak($1200+10%), Tasty($499+10%), falansi($1390), Owner Steak($700 above), South Gate Garden($420 above), Old Place Western Restaurant($390 above) before. The steak in Tainan seems are expensive. I ordered sirloin cost $290 and delicious as well, the C/P is high.