Stress increase year by year. Improoving skill, working, planing and blablabla.

Sometimes, we lost in it, feel frustrated, upset. Hope we all can get through it.

All I want is a peaceful and joyful life, if can be more comfortable would be better. So far, if I can don’t worry about money that is comfortable. And I think I already have a peaceful and joyful life.

Dad got gastroenteritis today. He got fever and cannot barf whenever he wants.

What a suffering day.

Sister went to Mt. Hohuan on Aug. 14. She didn’t make any phone call to home, we cannot connect with her by cell phone either.

Mom tried to call her this morning, and she did. She ‘s fine, just cell phone don’t have signal. She might feel annoyed when dad called her again at 10:30pm. She is safe anyway.