It’s hard to arrive if you don’t ride the motorcycle to get “My way”. It’s a brunch restaurant, 8:00-17:00, and take a break on every Monday.

The breakfast include the drinks and Salsa(莎莎醬). Drinks are soda, milk, concentration juice(orange, grape fruit), black tea, and hot coffe. Hot cofee can refill as many as you can, so I drink cofee :P. Coffe is made by coffee machine, and it’s OK.



We went to  seafood restaurant for dinner, and it cost 1250. Address: 台南市安中路四段136號 Phone: 255-7046

This the front door.

in door

Oyster and shrimp

Sinonovacula constricta (竹蛤)and fried rice

The shrimp King

And there a soup cooked by little watermelon.

This is suggested by Helen,  包仔福肉圓. Hope I can try it some day.^Q^ Here some information on the website.