I went to listen a speech this afternoon, it was about the Multimedia Social Networking. But the orator focused on the Multimedia, which for signal and image processing. He mentioned that traditional social networking  players are human or rational machines/nodes. And new players are contents/signal or pixel. That means social networking often achieve by people, however, computers can have social networking as well.

Social network is a social structure made of nodes tied by some types of independency. Users in social network want reward, but they have to pay for.

Users are selfish, they have an event for agreement, then have bargaining, cheating and attacker.

Game Theory

Events happen by many decisions consists of players, actions, utility.

Collusion Attack in multimedia fingerprint.
Colluder: higher risk can get higher reward, lower risk get lower reward.

It rain cats and dogs. I was soaked wet when I got there. And I bought a pair of slippers on my way to school. It cost only $35 dollars, mom said I can buy three more pairs to home.