It never rains but it pours.

Dad came to my room to ask me drive brother to bus stop at 6am. A taxi almost hit on my car.

Then I drove dad to hospital at noon. The rain really just like someone was pouring.

The Flower Fairy (花仙子) is a good company at service. We bought their product 小通 to fix the pipe in bathroom, but it was no use. Then I made a phone call by free service number, they called an engineer immediately. The engineer came over after 30 mins.

He put a wire along the tube, the drug came out from tube first. Engineer said we pour too much. Then tried three more times, there’re all hair and plastic broom hair.  He pour drug about 20c.c. and add some water. He repeated the ex-movement three times. The pipes are clear now, and it’s free. LOL